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Our Mission:

To Empower and Inspire Humanity by Improving the Quality of Life

item imageImproving Quality of Life

Ippodaro Natural Salon's mission foundation is to create a better service sector while giving our customers the highest-quality treatment of their life. Superior quality of life equates to exceptional self-care. Quality of life is the well-being of individuals in a community and includes all aspects of life, such as living standards, health, education, family, community, and sustainability. Achieving elements of our mission creates a positive impact on the lives of others, making a difference in our community’s quality of life as a whole. One of our essential quality-of-life contributions is provided daily in our salon, an ammonia-free, full-service salon environment.

item imageEmpowering Individuals

Ippodaro believes each person deserves a wonderful experience and provides transparency through people, organic products, and sustainability. Through customer empowerment, Ippodaro Salon puts the customer at the heart of service. It is about delivering safety and natural services in an inclusive way that enables people to take control of their quality-of-life needs. Ippodaro's positive culture makes customers feel valued and appreciated, which is the second element of the Ippodaro mission.

item imageInspiring Humanity

Humanity comes first at Ippodaro. Our civil duty is to protect our community and planet to ensure that the quality of life is passed down to future generations. Ippodaro is proud to be a member of Green Circle Salon, being part of the world’s first sustainable salon solution by reducing beauty waste. This is where Ippodaro is helping to keep people and the planet beautiful and safe. Ippodaro prides itself on a history of compassion and active listening, which has enhanced our customers' self-esteem. We found this improves their happiness as well, therefore contributing to a happier Humanity. It shows that Ippodaro really cares for people and ensures that our customers are filled with gratitude as they leave the salon. Ippodaro has proven that quality customer service does not have to be complex. We have a proven track record of inspiring humanity, which is an essential element of our mission.

Your Health. Our Priority

Our Vision

We strive to continually impact our community by educating ourselves on the newest breakthroughs in greener living and greener products. By passing this knowledge on to our clients, we feel we encourage the same eco-friendly behaviors in our community. We accomplish this vision through hand-selecting products that are not tested on animals and by partnering with other eco-friendly salons that work towards bettering our environment. We foster a belief that everyone can help make a change to better our well-being, our community, and even our world through implementing small, impactful changes. One of our small steps in reaching our goal of a cleaner world is to follow the LEED guidelines and protocols within our building. Another small step is being the catalyst for all of our team members, as helping them make a difference by bettering the world is a top priority. We foster leadership in our company by spreading the knowledge of healthy hair solutions while also keeping up with current trends. We continually seek to create and partner with other companies that follow the organic standard, broadening our reach. Ippodaro Natural Hair Salon embodies being cruelty-free by picking companies that use fewer pesticides, farm organically, have a bee-friendly habitat, and support companies that work with Green Circle Salons to limit our carbon footprint.

Lady with a decorative garment on her head.

Our History

Ippodaro means “Beautiful Princess” in Korean. We began serving the community in February 2016. The heart and soul of Ippodaro and our very own beautiful princess, Terri opened this natural salon to spread the word about safe beauty products. She wanted people to know they don’t have to choose between their health and confidence. From a young age, Terri Rehkopf had a passion for hair and style. Growing up in her family salon, she was exposed to the value of finding innovative techniques and exploring new ideas for customers’ satisfaction. The Ippodaro salon is founded on caring for customers’ hair and bodies by eliminating exposure to harmful chemicals.

Our Core Values:

item imageCollaboration
item imageEducation
item imageQuality
item imageLeadership


By improving the lives of others and changing our environment for the better, we can bring awareness and growth to our guests, their families, and our community. To do this, we must work together with an open and curious mind. This is fundamental in building a collaborative work environment. Collaboration is the key to growth and the opportunity to change the world for the better.

We are honored when you share your ideas and challenges with the Ippodaro team. Realizing the benefits of being diverse and open to all respectful types of communication styles, we can assure you that your voice will be heard. This open collaboration is essential in finding solutions to improve our community, our salon, and the world.

"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." - Mother Teresa

We see collaboration as a process in which a group of people constructively explore their ideas to search for a solution that reaches beyond one’s limited vision. Developing and using this skill will help in teamwork, understanding others' perspectives, and meeting expectations as a reliable team member. Successful collaboration involves a cooperative spirit, respectful understanding of others, skilled communication, emotional intelligence, and respect for diversity.


Advanced education is the top priority in keeping up with the latest trends. At Ippodaro Natural Salon, we share knowledge fluidly through the team by providing the best-advanced education and creating a culture of high-quality service. We believe helping one another is part of our mission, and it allows for opportunities for growth within Ippodaro Natural Salon. We can impact each individual by sharing the knowledge of healthy and balanced lifestyles — mind, body, soul, and HAIR. We seek to create awareness about the environment in our world. Ippodaro is committed to helping improve the lives in our communities through education.

“Learning is creation, not consumption. Knowledge is not something a learner absorbs, but something a learner creates.” - George Couros

Education is defined as the ability to constantly challenge ourselves to continually increase knowledge, proficiency, implementation, and innovation in both personal and professional credibility. Ippodaro Natural Salon is dedicated to cultivating a high-level education in individuals. Ippodaro is committed to growing in these competencies that allow for maximal expression in their career, personal development, and personal benefits.


"Quality is the pride of workmanship."
- W. Edwards Deming


Our aim is for strong teams and empowered people to help us bring innovation and inspiration to the world. Ippodaro’s Guiding Principles give us a common set of behaviors to achieve this together. Our Guiding Principles provide a clear, consistent understanding of how to lead at Ippodaro. It reflects the employee voices and research, and it amplifies what’s most important to us in achieving our goals and creating the impact we want to see in the world; so, hopefully, it resonates with you. All of us can be leaders — and we can, and should, hold ourselves and each other accountable. Welcome to our mission. We are honored to be creating with you!

“Leadership doesn’t come with a title.
Leadership is earned by action and example.”

For Ippodaro Natural Salon, leadership is defined as the ability to know yourself integrally, observe yourself consistently, apply yourself impeccably, and evaluate yourself non-judgmentally. A true leader is dedicated to growing in each of these competencies that allow for the maximal expression of their gifts, talents, and dreams.

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